WWDACT is the representative body for women, girls, non-binary and feminine identifying people with disabilities in the ACT. With the ACT election coming up in October 2020, we are seeking commitments from the candidates in the 5 areas of our strategic plan to support access and inclusion in the ACT community.

WWDACT calls on all parties to commit to:


  • Maintain and increase funding for Disabled People’s Organisations, aligned with the increase in population and need for representation.
  • Ensure all directorates have access and inclusion plans, informed by people with disabilities.
  • Consider a gendered, intersectional lens on all policies relating to disability.
  • Promote women’s leadership through funded inclusive programs.


  • Develop and implement a Disability Health Strategy, co-designed with people with disabilities.
  • Fund Disability Liaison Officers in Hospitals, particularly for Maternity Services and spinal cord injuries.
  • Implement the recommendations of the report from the Inquiry into Maternity Services.
  • Ensure Women’s Health Services are resourced to cater for women with disabilities, including counselling.

Violence Prevention

  • Improve the accessibility of crisis shelters in the ACT.
  • Fully implement of the Disability Justice Strategy including a gendered approach to justice issues.
  • Strengthen the role of the Family Safety Hub.
  • Continue funding of Official Visitors.
  • Streamline complaints processes at ACT Human Rights Commission.


  • Increase the quantum and availability of public housing.
  • Introduce measures to promote affordable, accessible housing in the private rental market.
  • Implement minimum accessibility features as standard for all new housing.

Urban Planning and Safety

  • Implement disability conscious emergency planning in all directorates, using the Person-Centred Emergency Preparedness Framework and the Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction Framework.
  • Ensure walkability and safety are incorporated in all town planning.

Ask your local candidates to commit to these initiatives! Send them a letter and attach our platform!