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Message from the Chair


Dear Members and Colleagues,

All of us have been affected by the catastrophic fires of the past weeks. Our hearts go out to all those in bushfire zones, those who have lost family, friends, livelihood, trees, animals and land productivity. The smoke, dust, particle haze enveloping Canberra tells us how serious the situation is. We are grateful to all those volunteer firefighters in Canberra, and grateful to all those who have already spent days at the fire fronts.

I am anxious about all the people with disabilities in all those regions of relentless fire weather, where evacuation plans may not have been thought through to get help to someone with impaired mobility.

For ourselves in Canberra. We are not immune. Review your own fire safety plan. The Emergency Services Agency has information here. We need to be prepared for the coming summer.

We can feel some relief that we are not in danger right now, but the sadness of the news bulletins and the images of the fires affect us all and in different ways. We need to be kind to each other in the coming days.

Regards, Sue