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Message from the Chair


Dear Members and Colleagues,

Our news this week is full of sorrow as we have learned of the death of our fellow WWDACT Director, Eun Ju Kim-Baker. Eun Ju joined the WWDACT Board in November 2017, and made a significant contribution to our work to improve the status of those who are marginalised in our community. Identifying as a transgender person, Eun Ju used the neutral Mx honorific and they/them pronouns. Our review of the discriminatory and inequitable language WWDACT was using has come about as a result of this influence. Eun Ju was brilliant with an intellect we admired, and had qualifications in human rights law. Life experience was gained across different jurisdictions including with Indigenous Australians. Using the wisdom gained through Eun Ju’s work and life experience, WWDACT has been able to better understand the barriers to inclusion that people in communities experience when many marginalizing attributes intersect. Eun Ju’s presence on our Board enlightened us, and we are grateful. WWDACT Directors feel this loss deeply and extend our sympathies to Eun Ju’s family and friends.


Sue Salthouse