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Message from the Chair

Dear Members and Colleagues, 

Our sympathies go out to all the people in Victoria who are subject to the next six weeks of strict lockdown. We especially send sympathies to all our sisters with disabilities who will have the added worry of the heightened risks we face if get infected, the difficulties getting medical supplies and treatments, the uncertainty of getting our support services, and the extra costs of food stuffs and items for everyday living.

For some of our friends and relatives in Victoria, the thought of facing another prolonged period of isolation may be the hardest impact of this next phase, and Mental Health may suffer. This is a time when we can do something to help. Let’s resolve to extra messages of support and sympathy to those we know down south, keep letting them know that we are thinking of them.

In addition, we know that for many, the isolation will heighten the risk of domestic and family violence irrespective of the type of family home or group house where we live.

If you are not feeling safe, please phone:

  • 1800RESPECT (1800 737 732) [a 24/7 chatline and counselling]
  • Domestic Violence Crisis Service (6280 0900) [24/7 support]
  • Canberra Rape Crisis Service (6247 2525) [crisis & conselling 0700 to 2300]

If you are in immediate danger, phone the police on ‘000’.

For news about the pandemic situation:

For ourselves in the ACT, use ABC radio and TV broadcasts for information. Sometimes the situation changes each day, sometimes it changes by the hour and websites may not keep up with these changes. So your best source is current news broadcasts.

If you want to find out how other women with disabilities in the ACT and Region have been assessing their experiences with the pandemic, please read the WWDACT report on COVID-19 which was launched by Zoom on Monday 6 July. WWDACT thanks our research officer, Swathi Shanmukhasundaram, for this important piece of work and the Disability Advocacy Network of Australia (DANA) for funding the project. The title of the report, The Responsibility Has Fallen On Us, succinctly summarises how many of the women felt as they tried to cope with all the changes that came with the pandemic. You can read the full report here.

For all of us, remember physical distancing and hand washing of sanitizing.

Take care and stay safe.


Sue Salthouse