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Message from the Chair


Dear Members and colleagues,

The quixotic election results on Saturday 18 May have resulted in hours of navel-gazing and analysis, from politicians and the press as well as within our friendship groups. There have been sensible entreaties to focus on how NGOs can work constructively with the new federal government. The environment and climate change remains a key issue for a great many Australians. Climate change is a disability issue, since people with disabilities do not fare well in national emergencies, and the likelihood of extreme weather events has already increased. In addition, we are world citizens and support changes which will minimise the effects of climate change irrespective of how it affects our life chances. The new government should expect public pressure to improve its environment policies.  You can read a synopsis of the policies that the Coalition took to the election here. 

Our WATCH, which focuses on primary prevention of Domestic and Family Violence has released an updated version of Change the Story. First released in 2016, Change the Story was the Our WAtch manifesto on Domestic and Family Violence. Their new release, compiled as a result of a review of their activities by PWC, is called Change the Story- Three Years.  Whilst it is still difficult to measure decreases in the prevalence of DFV, Our Watch has been instrumental in bringing a wide range of stakeholders together and raising public awareness. It works in partnership with a number of other nationally funded organisation. I am an Ambassador for OurWAtch and am honoured to be part of the team that makes increased networking happen.  Other Ambassadors are Chloe Shorten, and Julia Zamiro.