WWDACT acknowledges the traditional owners and custodians of the lands we work from.

For us within the ACT, we pay our respects to the Ngunnawal and Ngambri Elders, past, present and emerging.  

We Acknowledge that the lands we are meeting on is stolen and that sovereignty has never ceded.  

The fight for justice, equal rights and acknowledgement is not over, even if people have stopped talking about it. We ask you to recognise that real history of Australia, 250 years of injustice. We ask you to remember that First Nation People have walked this land for 65,000 years and will continue to speak out against injustice whilst pushing for our right; rights everyone deserves in the year 2021.  

We extend our respects to all First Nation and Torres Strait Islander Peoples joining us.

WWDACT Statement on Trans & Gender Diverse Inclusion


Women With Disabilities ACT is passionate in our efforts to highlight the lived experiences of all those who have been impacted by systemic gender oppression – including transwomen, intersex people, non-binary, gender diverse and gender non-conforming individuals, those who identify with women and those who are feminine identifying. WWDACT is an intersectional feminist human rights organisation and believes in the importance of diversity and inclusivity as central to the feminist movement.   

As part of being an inclusive organisation WWDACT commits to:
– prioritising the voices and experiences of trans, intersex and gender diverse individuals 
– outreaching to trans, intersex and gender diverse individuals to capture their experience 
– ensuring all our communications, events and resources are inclusive 
– maintaining a team that is trans, intersex and gender diverse aware
– taking immediate action against discriminatory behaviour in our spaces, at our events or within our work 


WWDACT Membership

WWDACT’s membership welcomes all women and gender diverse individuals who have experienced or are currently experiencing gender oppression. Self-definition is at the discretion of the individual.

Cisgender men (men who are not trans, intersex or gender diverse) are welcome to sign up as Associate Members. However, cisgender men cannot become a Full Member of WWDACT.

WWDACT does not tolerate discrimination against trans, intersex and gender diverse individuals. WWDACT reserves the right to withdraw membership to individuals who do not uphold WWDACT’s inclusive values.

WWDACT has affirmed the Darlington Statement 


Cultural Competency – Intersection