WWDACT has signed an open letter with 13 other community organisations to call on the ACT government to bolster their proposed rental reforms by amending the Residential Tenancies Act to abolish no cause, unfair evictions.

We know that women with disabilities are often faced with challenges in the private rental market, with a CHOICE report last year saying that people with disabilities are nearly twice as likely to experience unfair evictions. People with disabilities are also likely to experience greater moving costs, and spend more time looking for a suitable home.

The letter also includes a call to require approval by the Tribunal for rent increases above CPI and minimum energy efficiency and safety standards for rental properties in the territory. It is hoped that such reforms would help make homes more affordable, more comfortable and safer for renters.

You can add your support by writing to your local MLA letting them know you support abolishing unfair evictions. You can find out more about the Make Renting Fair Alliance at: http://www.makerentingfaircbr.org.au/

Read the letter here.

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