Do you want to represent Women with Disabilities ACT?

Speak up for your peers?

Help us change the lives of our community?

You can become a WWDACT Representative!

We’re looking for WWDACT members* who want to be more involved in our work. As a representative, you can attend consultations, write or advise us on submissions, or simply begin by giving feedback on government projects.

We are enhancing our Representatives Program thanks to a grant from the NDIS and if your expression of interest is approved, we will provide training and representative opportunities for you!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your areas of interest below. It is recommended that you attach your Resume – we’re not looking for fully ready resumes with lots of expertise so don’t worry! Your resume will give us an idea of the type of representative work that would suit you best so that we can direct you to the appropriate training and opportunities.

*The Representatives Program is only available to women, girls, non-binary, and feminine identifying people with disabilities in the ACT.

If you are not already a full member or associate member with WWDACT, sign up here!

Full membership is for women, girls, nonbinary and feminine identifying people with disability in the ACT. If you are an ally, and support our values and mission, you can join us as an associate member.

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If you have any questions or would like to know more, please contact our Community Engagement Officer at or 0481 825 093.