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Message from the Chair


Dear Members and Friends,

There are 2 items in this e-Bulletin that require prompt action. 
The first is the PWDACT call for people with disabilities to be involved in a consumer group in a health project to help us in our interactions with the health system. Contact Rob Woolley at or 6286 4223.
The second is a national survey for persons in housing stress and at risk of homelessness. It is designed for over 65’s but is relevant for all women with disabilities who are in rental properties, many of whom in the ACT are experience housing stress.
WWDACT is also campaigning, through the Make Renting Fair Alliance to improve rights for tenants, so that they have fair protections against evictions, a right for their home to be safe and comfortable, and new laws to prevent unfair and excessive rental increases.  Increasing access to affordable, accessible and appropriate housing will be one of our focus areas in 2019.
Sue Salthouse